Friday, 28 August 2015

Just about the end of summer - so a few additions

It would be rather good if I could transfer all the posts from 'Midlandrover' to this site, because some clown has obliterated access to it by overlaying with another site that is only concerned with a lot of advertising and such rubbish. This I can't get rid of or even view my own material.

View from bedroom two/office
widow - canal is adjacent to tree line.
Enough moaning, we have had a very interesting time since we now live in our house in Oakthorpe - which we have called 'Tillerpin Cottage', as previously mentioned - what I forgot to add is that one can see where the now closed section of the canal used to follow the edge of the field behind us - that is if you look over from the upper storey windows.

The community spirit is very strong in this Parish, which incorporates Oakthorp, Donisthorpe  and Acresford. All are situated in the National Forest  near the Ashby De la Zouche canal, which we hope will son be re-united with its original destination of course Ashby de la Zouche, a nearby historical town.

Bosworth Battle re-enactment
Nearby there are many places of historical interest, including Bosworth Field where of course that famous battle occurred during which King Richard III was killed and Henry VII took the crown and the commencement of the Tudor period which was to last 118 years - but all this and the re-enactment each year are the subject of a following post.
Battle of Tewksbury -
Bosworth field
Meanwhile Tillerpin Cottage has acquired a fascinating piece of early (1929) - a Lister LR1 Petrol D series stationary engine. It is in perfect condition, having been lovingly restored by a chap called Kevin who (like me) hails from Kent - mind you, he lives there and having purchased her had to drive down and collect.

Never mind, we bought a charming
pole axe from this stand!
That was some drive! especially as the engine weighs well over two hundred weight plus trolley and wheels. I am going to try and upload the video entailing most of the above, but Google may balk at the file size - so here goes.

Hmmm..... it didn't work, but here is a link through which it can be viewed - watched anyway. Neither did that, though it may be found by opening Vimeo and searching for 'Lister LR1 and Garden'.

I'll pop in some ordinary photos shortly, but meanwhile must go pubwise as I have said that I would meet Trevor and Ian at the Holly Bush!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

A restart to an old diary of happenings

Obviously I no longer own the boat after which the site has been named, but as it is still available on Google search, I thought that it would good platform for a reincarnation of our comings, goings doings etc.

I also realise that little has been posted for ages, however I thought to update this would e a better idea than starting a new blog site - I intend to copy this to those that I already have in place.

The big news is that since last time I put anything together, I have had a few health issues (perhaps not surprising at my age!), however both of us are now very well and living a house called 'Tillerpin Cottage' in a lovely village called Oakthorpe (easily found by entering DE12 7RJ on Google maps or earth).

The house has a huge garden which again we have split into sections; a lawn area with cottage garden theme, Vegetable and fruit area - again with well drained raised beds, and this time we are raising poultry - namely bantam hens with a couple of bantam rooster. I call it a micro holding as it is only half an acre.

Our little (well sort of little) dog Bosun loves the place - though I wonder if he misses being CPO on  the boat that he grew up with, NB Mariner. Anyway he really enjoys going for walk around the local area as we are situated in the 'National Forest' which encompasses the counties of Leicetershire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire. I'll see if I can still incorporate some pictures - but I seem to be having to rediscover the use of the blog devices.

I also have some video material to include - but that needs some explaining and might be best slotted into the next posting.