Friday, 23 January 2009

The Iceman Cometh

This is probably rather a strange way to start a blog which is devoted to life on a narrowboat, but the fact that it is supposed to be freezing again tonight, reminds me that time is running out for taking a trip to Tromso with the promise of viewing the northern lights and staying in the Ice Hotel.

The latter will no doubt thaw shortly, given that the birds here are starting to get into their frisky spring antics. There are still some cabins available for a 14 day cruise according to a travel website. But this also means that we can make an early start to the cruising season in the Midlands here at any rate and save ourselves a few thousand pounds. . . hmmm, anyone for Stratford in February?

I have been strictly ordered not to discuss laundrette visits, shopping or cups of tea on this forum, so I will only bring up disgusting subjects like pump-outs and black water bilge cleanouts instead.

On the subject of shopping though, does anyone know where one can obtain a wine rack that coulld fit neatly under the gunwale next to the dinette table? Our present solution is a carry box provide by TESCO. Somebody also suggested that a built in one in the engine bay is a top idea for keeping your reds at room termperature.