Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A new gadget for the summer

Last week Summer seemed to be just around the corner, so I started thinking of towpath barbecues and other summer delights when out cruising. However I also realised that the missing item for this sort of entertainment was the barbecue itself.

So thumbing through last year's Canal Boat magazines I found the review on different types that were considered suitable for boating - not all of them looked that good to me, however, last summer we had almost decided on one of them called improbably; Son of Hibachi Grilletto.

Having found a suitable supplier on the Internet (I want one of, placed the order and presto, the courier delivered it to our doorstop (I mean gate) today. Now having assembled all the bits, I would dearly love to try it out, but the instructions are very clear about it not being suitable for indoor use!!