Monday, 14 September 2009

Autumnal colours

Ah yes! the swallows are swooping and sweeping by the boat, catching what they can as they skim the water between our side hatch and the grassy bank belonging to the meadow accross the canal.
Good Lord, how time flies: the last post was in Summer and now it is Autumn, you can see the subtle changes in the foliage reaching over the North Oxford at All Oak Wood.

What wonderful cruising weather! And of course we haven't made hay while the sun shines (although the farmers around here certainly have been doing so). Just the odd seize the moment and take her out on to the cut for an idyllic evening.
Now the reason for all this landlubbardliness is that there has been a lot of work to be done in Cambridge Street. To say nothing of the furniture being delivered after four years of being sequestered in storage. Lots of interesting dramas involved with that - but best left to the next post.

Our good friend and neighbour Steve E wrote that Gleemaiden looked all alone and neglected when he took K2 for a run; but how is this for a deserted pontoon? Everyone seems to have made the best of this Indian Summer - including ourselves!