Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A new crew member

Glemaiden now has a new crew member who answers to the name of Biggles. The trouble is that he is still a puppy and hasn't had all his shots yet - so he is not even allowed to say hello to Poppy (the Staffie next door) or even go for a walk in the street.

To put it bluntly, midshipman Bigglesworth has not yet been aboard to see his new berth yet. After tomorrow, when the last shot is fired (into his neck again, no doubt), he will be able to socialise with other freshwater tars at the marina.

Meanwhile heaps has been happening at the Cambridge Street house, but that will be covered in another posting.
Meanwhile at Brinklow, as those who follow the other sites associated with this smashing inland lake, there have been a lot of comings and goings, but most importantly; last Saturday was the annual barbeque.

The event was a resounding success and I think that congratulations are due to all those who helped organise it - particularly the harbour masters; Andy; John; Derek and Eric. The last mentioned of course who made the night so fabulous repertoire - incredible stamina has Eric! So evidently did some of the revellers. I was told that the event didn't fold until about 0:345! And I know it was at least 0:300 when I hit the hammock - after a coffee on board Clarence.

Anyway it was another smashing tribute to the community spirit of those that have boats moored at Brinklow Marina.

Oh and here is a shot of Lyra and Andy at the barbecue - we can't wait to introduce Biggles to Lyra and others at Brinklow. On the night of the barbecue we was still confined to quaters, needing further vaccination shots and then having caught kennel cough. Anyway, it won't be long before he makes new friends.

Next posting will be mostly Cambridge Street stuff and a bit about me having a fight with a rotavator.