Thursday, 4 June 2009

First day of Summer

A remarkable change has (and still is) happening to K2! The sign writer has arrived and she is giving a lift to the livery on Steve's boat; which now bears his name and Julie's along with a legend claiming that K2 is ready and raring for the canal towing business. Maybe he could start by towing 'The Druss' around the other way for Simon.

Anyway, I haven't posted any pictures of this transformation; I think probably Steve would like to do that - anyway the whole job looks smashing and Steve should be very pleased with it.

Got a little more sunburn over the weekend. It was too good to waste sitting on deck chairs in the marina, so we went out and moored up just at the start of All Oak Wood. Also moored up along this stretch was 'Hetty Peggler', so out came the Barbecues and we celebrated the last day of Spring and the first day of Summer in fine style.

We certainly didn't have a dull couple of days, huge number of boats going by and more than a little selection of wildlife to watch languidly from the deck or towpath, with glass of wine in hand.

This beautiful pair of hotel boats passed us as well. The butty looking particularly resplendent - but where is the horse's tail hanging from the rudder post??

. . . .And there was also some some tame wildlife on another passing boat. . .

This cygnet was trying to talk its mother into going back for seconds of Malt Kiln Farmhouse bread.

Meanwhile, a heron nearby was trying to find fish in the field opposite.

. . . . . then realised that the canal is probably a better prospect. Didn't seem to catch anything though.