Monday, 26 October 2009

Biggles flies again - well sort of. . .

This is a pretty silly heading for a blog post, but I thought it appropriate as the said puppy has kept us home bound and heading to the Dog's Trust or vet with his little problems.
He has, however too much energy, even for our lengthy back garden, so he does get airborne even in the lounge room. The silly thing is that he needs to get out and go boating; but still other dogs and socialising is denied hm. Maybe next week. This is very frustrating for us as well, since we can't do any boating either - apart from a day trip or two.

Last Sunday we did actually have a magnificent trip - albeit a short one. down to Hillmorton and back. This was made especially enjoyable for the fact that our next door neighbours joined us for the outing - and even better that they are also boaters like us who had a boat built bespoke for them and lived on it for several years.

Adam, Barbara, Cain & Minnie made up an excellent crew for a day's outing and it was fabulous that I could be relieved of the tiller for a periods long enough to head up for'ad and enjoy boating from the well deck. Though mind you, Jeeves gives me that opportunity often enough when on long cruises.

The tunnel at Newbold proved to be quit a hit with Minnie; she had been anticipating our entry for some time and I'm sure that the images taken in transit show that she did. I must say that with its lighting (turned off at night of course, because of the bats who live there), make a diverting display. 'Twould be better however if failed floodlight bulbs were replaced more often; never mind, even with about 25% gone, it is still my favourite tunnel - if not the most exciting.

So, we turned at the winding hole just below the bottom lock in Hillmorton, to find a spot for enjoying the sunny Autumn weather and cracking with the barbecue - phew! had the wrong sort of barbecue fuel, which created lots of smoke for those passing by on the towpath and on the cut, but settled down to a good hot charcoal after about fifteen minutes.

The Hibachi (see blogs passim) did a marvelous job and after a satisfying lunch, relaxing as boats went by, we readied ourselves to leave.

Holding on to the last to let boats past before casting off, well! Who should heave into sight just before we thought we were clear to clear away, but - yes Nerus again! Neil quickly brought Nerus alongside and told us they had just been to Braunston, now heading back to Brinklow.

Needless to say we let go and followed in their wake back to Brinklow - a delightful journey with little traffic.

The remarkable thing being; and I am sure there will be flak from this, but pictorial evidence seems to confirm that Nerus has an admiral on the quaterdeck here and a figurehead at the what was one called the beak of the bows. Of course we boaters all call this space as the well deck and cratch!

Arrival at the port of Brinklow was rather good too - we might as well have been in convoy, sliding in through bridges 39 & 40 line astern behind Nerus and berthing minutes behind her.